Rachel's Rocks To Riches
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My name is Rachel Naugler, Owner and Artist at Rachel's Rocks To Riches. I recently moved back to Bridgewater, Nova Scotia after being in Edmonton, Alberta for 12 years.  I have been an artist for my entire life using many mediums along the way. I started my career painting with acrylics on canvas, focusing mostly on abstract art. My next pursuit was making handmade wire sculpted jewelry. 

While I was working on my wire ring venture, I started a graphic design and marketing consulting company called Naugler's Consulting. I worked with some great clients and I wouldn't have changed a thing about it. But, I felt like it wasn't what I was "suppose" to do. That's when I realized I had to do the "art thing" full time. Since then I have been loving every minute making new creations, meeting new clients and vendors and creating strong relationships with then.

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Home Decor and Art

I make all my rock art pictures from stones, rocks and sea glass that I collected from across Nova Scotia. I use semi-precious stones that I get from little shops across Canada.  I have collected rocks from a few areas in British Columbia, such as Vancouver and Victoria. I spent 12 years in Alberta so I collected rocks from Edmonton's River Valley as well as from lakes in Jasper and Banff. I do collect most of my stones from beaches and lakes along the coasts of Nova Scotia, and those are the ones I use for my pictures. Every time I visit a beach or lake I will walk around and spend hours upon hours collecting rocks that I think can be made into something beautiful.